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BK Seasoning

B & K GOURMET renders itself superbly to
a wide variety of foods including: 

  • meats
  • hamburgers
  • steaks
  • chops
  • stews
  • poultry
  • roasts
  • seafood
  • casseroles
  • salads
  • eggs
  • soups
  • gravies
  • vegetables
  • potatoes
  • Almost Anything!
B & K GOURMET is a superb seasoning for Tri-Tip & other BBQued meats.
It is a delectable all-in-one seasoning for mouthwatering roasts.
With recipes use B & K GOURMET in place of basic spices.

B & K GOURMET is NOT adulterated with sugar and what we deem
an excessive amount of salt.

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